Advantages and disadvantages of software testing automation

◆ Advantages:

(1) Improve the efficiency of test execution and save time cost;

(2) Freeing up manpower for more important work;

(3) Can be reused, build dependence on people;

(4) Improve customer satisfaction;

(5) Improve the overall level of the test team;

(6) can greatly reduce the workload of compatibility testing;

(7) Some testing work must be completed by automation.

◆ Disadvantages:

(1) Developing test scripts takes a large time cost and elongates the cycle;

(2) The rapid iteration of the product, and the automation script will continue to iterate, and the time cost is high;

(3) The reuse of automation scripts between different projects is low;

(4) The automation value of short-term project products is not high;

(5) Automation cannot completely replace manual testing to find bugs and achieve 100% coverage;

(6) Automation is more applicable to regression testing;

(7) Automation of the development process has higher requirements for the technology of the software test team.