The excitement around Team of the Season keeps growing as EA Sports has introduced a fresh Objective to FIFA 24's Ultimate Team, rewarding players with a complimentary TOTS card featuring Club Brugge's iconic player, Hans Vanaken.

This special card can be acquired at no additional cost, meaning players won't have to part with any in-game currency. Here's a detailed guide on how you can secure this talented midfielder for your Ultimate Team lineup.

Vanaken's TOTS Card Overview

Electronic Arts has introduced a fresh set of objectives within FIFA Ultimate Team 24, offering players the chance to earn a TOTS (Team of the Season) card featuring Hans Vanaken. By tackling and completing a quartet of straightforward challenges, gamers can bolster their midfield with the Belgian playmaker.

Vanaken, who has been instrumental in Club Brugge's dominant performance, contributed to 13 goals during the 23/24 season, playing a pivotal role as the team is on the verge of clinching their 19th Belgian Pro League title.

His TOTS card is impressive, boasting a 91 overall rating. The card's attributes are well-rounded and highly competitive, with 90 pace, 91 shooting, 93 passing, 88 dribbling, 84 defending, and 90 physicality. These stats make Vanaken an exceptional choice for any FUT midfield.

Adding to his appeal, Vanaken's card includes specialized traits such as the Incisive Pass and Long Ball Pass, complemented by the Relentless PlayStyle+, enhancing his effectiveness on the pitch.

Objective 1: Power Shot Goals

To unlock the 80+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack in FIFA Ultimate Team, players must achieve the following objective:

  • Successfully score a total of three goals using the Power Shot technique. These goals must be achieved while playing in Squad Battles at a minimum difficulty level of Semi-Pro, though they can also be scored in Division Rivals or FUT Champions matches.

Upon completion of this objective, the reward will be granted to enhance your FUT squad.

Objective 2: Through Ball Assists

To earn the 81+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack, players must achieve the following objective:

  • Successfully deliver 6 assists using a Through Ball in Squad Battles at a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro, or alternatively, in Rivals or Champions matches.

Objective 3: Belgian Brilliance

Unlock the 81+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack by achieving both a goal and an assist with a Belgian player in two different Squad Battles encounters on at least Semi-Pro difficulty, or alternatively in Rivals or Champions matches.

Objective 4: Belgian Winning Streak

Unlocking the FC 24 TOTS Vanaken requires completing specific objectives. Here's a guide to help you meet the criteria and claim your reward:

  • Objective Completion : To achieve the Vanaken Team of the Season (TOTS) card, you must secure victories in 5 separate Squad Battles. These battles should be engaged at a minimum difficulty level of Semi-Pro, though you can also opt to play in Division Rivals or FUT Champions modes. Ensure your starting lineup includes at least 2 Belgian players to meet the requirements.

  • Earning the Reward : Upon successful completion of the above objective, you will be rewarded with a pack containing five rare gold players, each with a rating of 75 or higher. This pack, known as the 75+ x5 Rare Gold Players Pack, can offer a substantial boost to your team with potential high-quality additions.

Completing Vanaken's Objectives

Upon successfully accomplishing these four distinct challenges, you'll secure the addition of TOTS Hans Vanaken to your Ultimate Team roster. Moreover, you'll unlock a series of packs that come with an increased probability of obtaining a Team of the Season player!


Are you planning to tackle this Objective? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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