ESO Gold is the primary in-game currency used in the Elder Scrolls Online universe. It serves as the standard medium of exchange for various transactions and activities within the game. Players earn gold through gameplay and can use it for a wide range of purposes, including buying and selling items, crafting, and improving their characters. Here are some common things you can do with your ESO gold:

Trade and Barter:

Buy and sell items with other players in the game. This can include weapons, armor, crafting materials, and more.

Purchase Gear and Items:

Upgrade your character's equipment by purchasing weapons, armor, and other items from in-game vendors or other players.


Invest in crafting materials and motifs to improve your character's crafting skills. Crafting can be a lucrative way to earn gold as well, by selling crafted items to other players.

Hirelings and Services:

Use gold to hire in-game hirelings or pay for services. This might include hiring mercenaries or paying for assistance in completing difficult quests.

Mounts and Pets:

Purchase new mounts or pets to accompany your character. While these don't typically impact gameplay, they can add a cosmetic element to your character.


Invest in housing items and decorations for your in-game home. ESO has a robust housing system, and you can use gold to personalize your virtual living space.

Guild Stores and Traders:

Join a guild and participate in the economy by buying and selling items through guild stores or traders. This can be a lucrative way to use your gold to make more gold.

Enchanting and Alchemy:

Purchase enchanting runes or alchemical ingredients to enhance your character's gear or create potions. These can be essential for improving your character's performance in combat.


Stock up on consumables like food, drinks, and potions. These can provide temporary boosts to your character's stats and are often essential for challenging content.

Repair Costs:

Use gold to repair your gear. Equipment degrades over time, especially during combat, and repairing it is necessary to maintain its effectiveness.

PvP Campaigns:

Participate in player versus player (PvP) campaigns by purchasing siege weapons, supplies, and other items to contribute to your faction's efforts.

Here are three effective ways to make gold in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO):

Guild Trading:

Joining a trading guild is one of the most efficient ways to make gold in ESO. Trading guilds have access to guild stores, allowing members to list items for sale. Invest time in understanding the market, identify items in demand, and list them for competitive prices. Participate actively in your guild's trading activities, and consider joining multiple guilds to maximize your selling potential.

Farming and Gathering:

Focus on farming and gathering valuable resources that are in demand. This includes materials for crafting, alchemical reagents, and rare motifs. Explore zones known for specific resources, and learn the most efficient routes for gathering. Raw materials, especially those used in crafting, are consistently sought after, making them a reliable source of income.

Daily Crafting Writs:

Complete daily crafting writs on multiple characters. These quests provide valuable crafting materials, experience points, and writ vouchers. Writ vouchers can be exchanged for high-demand items, and the materials obtained can be sold or used for crafting items to sell. Leveling up your crafting skills also opens up opportunities for more lucrative crafting endeavors.

Remember, consistency is key when trying to accumulate wealth in ESO. Developing a routine that includes various activities such as trading, farming, and crafting will contribute to a steady income over time. Additionally, If you don’t have enough time to earn ESO Gold, you can go to the professional ESO Gold Online Store to Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold to help you enjoy life better. It is recommended that you visit