To complete the "The Last Day of Remuria" quest in Genshin Impact 4.6, follow these steps:

  1. Unlocking the Quest:
  2. "The Last Day of Remuria" is a subquest in the Canticles of Harmony quest chain located in the Nostoi region.
  3. It is the third part of the chain and is essential for unlocking Scylla to easily traverse the Sea of Bygone Eras.
  4. To access this quest, you must first finish the preceding quest in the Canticles of Harmony chain, "Underwater Nocturne."

  5. Quest Walkthrough:

  6. Head to the Sea of Bygone Eras and engage in a cutscene with Boethius and Monsieur Os. Then proceed to the location of the cat and enter the portal.
  7. Explore the ruins by following the cat until you encounter a familiar-looking narwhal. Follow the current to reach another area.
  8. Break the chains binding Scylla after the cutscene with the narwhal. Head to where the "dragon" is and follow the chains leading to the cave. Outside the cave, you'll encounter the spirit of the narwhal.

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