EA's Ultimate Team continues to dazzle, with the recent addition of the Ligue 1 and D1 Arkema Team of the Season squads now available for players to find in packs.

In a thrilling update, FC 24 has brought the legendary Brazilian forward, Ronaldo, into the spotlight with the introduction of the Icon Ronaldo Squad Building Challenge (SBC) .

Aspiring to add this iconic forward to your squad will require dedication, as there are 27 challenging squads to complete. But fear not, we're here to guide you!

The Icon Ronaldo SBC has been launched in FC 24 Ultimate Team, offering players the chance to acquire the storied striker's Icon card.

Ronaldo's storied career includes stints at top clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan, not to mention his triumphs with Brazil, securing multiple World Cup and Copa America titles.

The Icon Ronaldo card boasts a formidable 94 overall rating . This card features exceptional stats including 94 Pace, 94 Shooting, 94 Dribbling , and a remarkable 97 Finishing . With these attributes, he's poised to be a dominant force at the striker position.

Requirements and Rewards Breakdown

Brazilian icon Ronaldo is a coveted player in FIFA Ultimate Team, boasting Five-Star Skill Moves and a Five-Star Weak Foot, along with the Quick-Step PlayStyle+. To add him to your squad, you'll need to navigate through 27 Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) while keeping costs low. Here's a breakdown of the requirements and rewards:

  • For a team comprised entirely of 11 rare bronze players, you'll receive a Small Silver Players Pack.
  • Assemble a squad of 11 rare silver players to earn a Three Common Gold Players Pack.
  • A minimum team rating of 84 will net you a 5-Match Loan Icon Ronaldo.
  • Include at least 1 Inter player and 1 TOTS or TOTW player for a Premium Electrum Players Pack.
  • A squad with 1 Real Madrid player, 1 TOTS or TOTW player, and a minimum rating of 86 also yields a Premium Electrum Players Pack.
  • Combine 1 LaLiga player, 1 TOTS or TOTW player, and a team rating of at least 87 to receive a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack.
  • A team with 1 Serie A TIM player, 1 TOTS or TOTW player, and a minimum rating of 87 earns another Jumbo Premium Gold Pack.
  • Include 1 Brazilian player and 1 TOTS or TOTW player with a team rating of at least 87 for a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack.
  • A squad with 1 TOTS or TOTW player and a minimum rating of 87 will get you a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack.
  • A team rating of 88 with at least 1 TOTS or TOTW player rewards you with a Prime Electrum Players Pack.
  • Increase your team rating to 89 for a Premium Gold Players Pack.
  • A squad with a minimum rating of 90 earns a Rare Electrum Players Pack.
  • A team rating of 91 will net you a Mega Pack.
  • Finally, a top-tier team rating of 92 grants you a Rare Players Pack.

Remember, these SBCs are an investment in securing one of the game's most legendary figures, so choose your players wisely to meet the requirements without overspending.

Completing the SBC and Costs

Upon completion of the necessary squad submissions for the Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players can acquire the iconic Brazilian forward, Ronaldo, to bolster their Ultimate Team lineup.

Participants will be rewarded with an assortment of packs to unlock, and the total expenditure for this SBC is projected to be approximately 2.8 million coins.

If you're contemplating adding Icon Ronaldo to your Ultimate Team, we'd love to hear your perspective in the comments below!

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