It seems as though you're depicting a far reaching and high level intelligent study hall arrangement. How about we separate the parts:

Electromagnetic Surface:

The homeroom intense electromagnetic surface is a solid and intelligent board that can endure actual collaborations, permitting understudies to draw in with the substance without upsetting the example or causing harm. This element improves the involved opportunity for growth.
Remote Network:

The remote capacity is a key component, empowering consistent network to student reaction gadgets and other learning devices. The utilization of the ActivAir Radio Recurrence framework and ActivHub innovation (excluded) proposes a dependable and productive remote correspondence foundation.

ActivSound adds a sound aspect to the homeroom, giving intensification to the two educators and understudies. This component establishes a vivid learning climate, making it more straightforward for everybody to hear and draw in with the example content.
Double Asset tracking Dubai Client Usefulness with ActivArena:

The move up to double client usefulness, alongside ActivArena, proposes that the intuitive surface backings concurrent commitment by two clients. This is especially useful for cooperative exercises, bunch conversations, or intuitive activities where various understudies can take part simultaneously.
By and large, this arrangement appears to focus on intuitiveness, commitment, and sound improvement to establish an ideal learning climate. It's probably going to add to a more powerful and participatory study hall experience. Assuming you have a particular inquiries or on the other hand on the off chance that there's anything more you might want to be familiar with this arrangement, go ahead and inquire!