Brawl Stars Mutation Tier List Analysis

In the Brawl Stars Mutation Tier List, we have thoroughly evaluated the 40 limited-time abilities and ranked them from the least effective to the most potent. These mutations are designed to significantly enhance your brawler's capabilities, making them incredibly formidable in the Godzilla City Smash mode. To acquire these mutations, players need to unlock monster eggs, which in turn grant them these powerful abilities as rewards.

When delving into the best mutations in Brawl Stars, it becomes evident that certain mutations stand out in terms of their impact and effectiveness. One notable example is Gray's mutation, which empowers him to deploy up to six dimensional doors simultaneously. While this may initially seem unassuming, it actually propels Gray to the forefront as one of the most dominant brawlers in the mode. The surplus of dimensional doors equips Gray with the ability to swiftly teleport, evade adversaries, and disrupt the movement of the Godzilla player.

Moreover, the implications of Gray's walking cane gadget further amplify his dominance. A glitch associated with this gadget enables Gray to ensnare Godzilla players in inescapable positions, effectively creating a scenario where the opposing team is outnumbered, providing a decisive advantage to your team. meg – Meg's primary focus outside of her mech is to quickly re-enter it. Her enhanced main attack with two additional projectiles facilitates this goal, allowing her to constantly remain in mech form by easily recharging her super. This significantly increases her resilience, making it challenging for opponents to knock her out.

eve – With a combination of her super, gadgets, star powers, and the recent addition of her mutation, Eve has the ability to spawn a formidable army. This overwhelms single projectile brawlers, as they lack the necessary ammo to eliminate all of her spawned entities. This provides a clear advantage to Eve and her teammates in wiping out the opposition. Her mutation also adds complexity for enemies attempting to focus on destroying structures.

hank – Hank's super activates every time he sustains damage, transforming him into a formidable force on the battlefield. This seemingly straightforward ability creates chaos and significantly enhances Hank's effectiveness in close-quarters combat as well as ranged engagements.

carl – The increased speed of Carl's tailspin super enables him to swiftly traverse the map and efficiently dismantle structures. Additionally, his faster pickaxe attack results in accelerated destruction, establishing Carl as a top choice for the limited-time godzilla mode.

ruffs – The augmented bounciness of Ruff's main attack has elevated him from an average brawler to a potent force. The additional projectile transforms the battlefield into a visually intense experience, aiding Ruff in demolishing structures and eliminating elusive enemies concealed behind barriers.- Rico's extra bouncy attacks in Godzilla City Smash mode make him extremely deadly, as they can unexpectedly wipe out unintended enemies with ease. The increased bounciness also facilitates damaging buildings and out-of-range enemies, allowing players to attack from a safe distance. This mutation elevates Rico's effectiveness in the game.

  • Tick's combination of mines, hypercharge, and mutation in this mode makes him a formidable opponent, bordering on overpowered. However, his vulnerability to being taken down easily prevents him from reaching S-tier status. Additionally, his mines are not particularly effective in quickly destroying buildings.

  • Sprout's additional seed bomb and the splash damage from its attack prove to be advantageous in defeating enemies and destroying buildings from a distance, contributing significantly to the team's progress towards victory. This mutation is particularly valuable when paired with a strong team composition.

  • Melodie's two additional notes orbiting her provide protection against close-quarter combat brawlers, making it challenging to engage her directly. Her super ability further enhances her ability to swiftly eliminate opponents, establishing her as a formidable choice in this mode.

  • Ash's increased number of little helpers makes it difficult for single projectile brawlers to focus on the objective, granting him more time to engage and eliminate enemies. Additionally, this mutation allows Ash to efficiently clear multiple buildings with his main attack, positioning him as a strong selection in Godzilla City Smash.- Max's unlimited ammo allows her to deal constant damage, demolish obstacles, and charge her super rapidly. Additionally, her super can be utilized to enhance her teammates' speed, establish control over the map, and fend off opponents from your territory.

  • Brock's extra rocket upon firing enhances his already high damage output, making him a formidable choice in Godzilla City Smash. The mutation increases his attack width, damage potential, and area of effect with his rocket launches.
  • Angelo's ability to shoot two additional projectiles with his main attack makes him a valuable asset in this mode. A fully charged attack grants him the opportunity to inflict significant damage or even eliminate multiple opponents with a single shot. However, his inability to heal while aiming prevents him from being placed in the top tier.
  • Gale's wider main attack intensifies the challenge of facing him, while his star power, Freezing Snow, can slow down adversaries. The increased attack width facilitates the quick charging of his super, enabling him to push back enemies and create chaos in a matter of minutes.
  • Poco's ability to heal from taking damage adds another layer to his already extensive healing capabilities. With his new mutation, he can effortlessly keep his teammates alive, especially when teamed up with two other tanks.
  • Stu's permanently charged Nitro Boost empowers him to swiftly maneuver around the map, allowing him to evade, attack, and wreak havoc with increased speed. However, it's crucial to exercise caution to avoid dashing into unfavorable positions.

Brawler Mutation Enhancements - Overview

Surge has undergone a significant transformation, now reaching Stage IV instantly and with a boosted super charge. This new form makes Surge one of the top brawlers in the game, especially recommended for dedicated Surge players.

Moving on to the B Tier, Colt has gained more range and destructive power, making him a formidable choice in Godzilla City Smash. While categorized in the B Tier, skilled Colt players can elevate his performance to S Tier levels.

Spike now unleashes more projectiles from his needles, resulting in increased overall damage to enemies and structures. This mutation is particularly effective against ranged opponents and disrupts enemy healing.

Bea has received a boost with a rattled hive, although its effectiveness is situational. Chaining multiple stings can control the map and manipulate enemy movements, but skilled evasion can mitigate its impact.

Bonnie's Clyde mode now incorporates a stunning effect, offering enhanced map traversal and the ability to disable and eliminate enemies. This mutation provides Bonnie with the potential to single-handedly dismantle entire enemy teams.Piper specializes in long-range combat, with her projectiles able to knock out most enemies in a single shot. In close quarters, her ability can be a lifesaver for escaping enemies, while also providing a boost to her supercharge rate.

Pam, despite sharing a mutation with Max, falls a tier lower due to Max's superior speed and map control capabilities. However, Pam's high HP and supportive super still make her a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Shelly's mutation enhances her close-quarters combat prowess, increasing her damage output and ability to demolish buildings. The additional shotgun blasts also aid in charging her super, making her an even more potent force in battle.

Lola's mutation grants her an extra ego, boosting her damage output over short periods. This ability also allows her to switch places with her egos or use them as cover, making it a reliable choice in combat situations.

Janet's increased supercharge rate enables her to deploy her super more frequently, while the additional bombs she drops add to her offensive capabilities. This enhanced skill set makes her a more elusive and lethal opponent, especially when attacking from the skies.- Grom: His x-shaped super ability is highly effective for destroying buildings, pushing back opponents, and clearing out entire enemy teams. By charging his super through attacks, Grom can strategically unleash it for maximum impact, making it a formidable mutation that amplifies his key move.

  • Mandy: Similar to Grom, Mandy's mutation enhances her super ability, making it challenging for enemies to evade. Her extra sugar ray attack can swiftly incapacitate multiple foes, while also causing damage to enemy structures, aiding in enemy elimination and mission completion. This mutation significantly fortifies her combat prowess.

  • Crow: With the ability for his blades to return, Crow gains increased opportunities for dealing damage. He can impede enemy healing, reduce their damage output, and slow them down with well-executed tactics. While not particularly adept at demolishing structures, Crow's mutation ensures he effectively controls enemy movements and actions.

Brawl Stars Mutation Tier List – C Tier –

  • Bo: Despite the allure of unlimited mines, the practicality of rapidly scattering them across the map is limited. However, the mines are valuable for exerting map control, and when combined with the snare a bear ability, they stun enemies. Overall, this mutation offers decent utility, albeit falling short of extraordinary expectations.

  • Squeak: The additional projectiles from his super augment Squeak's damage potential, complemented by an increased super charge rate. This empowers Squeak to swiftly inflict damage on structures, yet the overall impact on the Godzilla mode remains less pronounced. Despite its benefits, this mutation does not elevate Squeak to an optimal choice in this mode.Nita's bears, unlike Lola's mutation, do not mimic her every move, making them easily destructible by enemies such as Godzilla. While initially promising, Nita's bears tend to perish quickly in battle.

El Primo benefits from faster travel time, increased HP, and a higher super charge rate, but struggles to charge his super in maps with little cover due to widespread destruction. Additionally, he still needs to approach buildings closely to deal damage to them.

Belle's shocker splitting into five attacks offers more chances to hit enemies and charge her super, but it may be more effective in a 5v5 mode rather than a 3v3. It can be useful if you have a strong affinity for Belle's playstyle.

Penny's additional cannon can be effective when placed strategically and can aid in damaging slow-moving monsters. However, it generally does not significantly contribute to Penny's success in matches, as it attacks too slowly and can be easily destroyed by enemies.

Buzz benefits from increased range for his super, but this also demands more precision in aiming. While not a detrimental mutation, Buzz lacks additional benefits to aid him once his super is activated.

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