In the realm of budget travel, Allegiant Airlines reigns supreme, renowned for its cheap flights and unbeatable deals. Yet, Allegiant offers more than just pocket-friendly airfares. Elevate your journey with extra seating options for a stress-free experience. Discover comfort and affordability seamlessly with Allegiant. For the best deals, check Booking Trolley or call +1-585-935-7101. Uncover a world where cheap Allegiant flights and comfort converge, ensuring a travel experience that exceeds expectations.

Unlocking Comfort: Allegiant's Preferred Seat

At the forefront of Allegiant's extra seating options is the Preferred Seat. Priced between $13-$50 each way, depending on your route and demand, these seats are more than just an add-on – they're a ticket to enhanced comfort. Here's what you get:

Additional Legroom: Escape the constraints of standard seating with an extra 3-7 inches of knee and leg space, allowing you to stretch out and unwind during your flight.

Convenient Access: With priority boarding, your journey begins seamlessly, ensuring quick cabin entry and easy access to overhead bins for your carry-on luggage.

Preferred Placement: Strategically positioned near the front, Preferred Seats grant you the privilege of quicker exits upon arrival, saving you precious time.

Stretching Out: The Exit Row Seat

For those with an insatiable appetite for legroom, Allegiant presents the Exit Row Seat. Priced between $25-$70 per flight leg, these seats redefine the art of stretching out, offering:

Maximum Legroom: Experience the epitome of space with up to 10 extra inches, allowing you to fully extend your legs and revel in unmatched comfort.

Roomier Row Space: The emergency exit door, while a safety feature, inadvertently creates wider floor space, giving the entire row a spacious and open feel.

No Seat in Front: Bid farewell to the discomfort of a reclining seat in front of you – the Exit Row Seat ensures an uninterrupted journey with open knee clearance throughout.

Embracing Luxury: The XL Seat

Introduced in 2016, Allegiant's XL Seat is a testament to the airline's commitment to passenger comfort. While currently exclusive to Airbus A320 family aircraft serving Hawaii routes, these seats, priced between $50-$100+ each way, boast:

Wider Dimensions: Enjoy the lap of luxury with a seat width of 20-21 inches, providing ample room to settle in and relax. Couple that with an industry-leading pitch of 39-41 inches, and you have a truly spacious haven.

Movable Armrests: Personalize your space with adjustable armrests that can be raised or lowered according to your preference, giving you control over your comfort.

Priority Access: Boarding has never been smoother – the XL Seat ensures priority access, allowing you to settle in before the crowd.

All-in-One Convenience: Allegiant Seat Bundles

Recognizing the need for simplicity, Allegiant offers seat bundle packages on select routes, consolidating benefits into one comprehensive price. Two enticing options are available:

·         The Ultimate Bundle: A holistic package including a Preferred Seat, priority check-in, priority boarding, unlimited drinks, and a carry-on bag credit, all bundled into one flat rate.

·         The Comfort Bundle: Merging a Preferred Seat with priority check-in and boarding privileges, topped with a discounted drink voucher, this bundle is designed for those seeking a perfect balance of comfort and convenience.

Before making your seating selection, it's prudent to compare the cost-effectiveness of these bundles against individual amenity purchases to ensure you're making the most informed decision.

Elevate Your Journey with Allegiant Extra Seating

While Allegiant has forged its reputation on providing ultra-low airfares, the introduction of extra seating options allows passengers to craft a more upscale and convenient travel experience. Whether you're embarking on a leisurely vacation or a crucial business trip, consider upgrading to Allegiant's Preferred, XL, or Exit Row seats to ensure you arrive at your destination not just economically but refreshed, nimble, and stress-free.

For seamless booking and inquiries, visit the Booking Trolley or contact Allegiant Air at +1-585-935-7101.

Travel smart, and travel comfortably with Allegiant Airlines!