Jade has been unveiled as the latest 5-star character to be introduced in patch 2.3 of Honkai: Star Rail. Fans were given a glimpse of her design during the adventurous storyline in 2.1, and anticipation is building as Jade prepares to join the playable roster.

Belonging to the enigmatic group known as the Ten Stonehearts, Jade holds a significant position within their ranks. Her close collaboration with fellow Stonehearts, particularly Topaz, suggests a pivotal role in the recruitment of Aventurine into the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC).

As a Stoneheart, Jade wields a cornerstone infused with the power of diamond, symbolizing her formidable abilities. Notably, she entrusted her cornerstone to Aventurine for his mission in Penacony, indicating a profound connection or trust between them.

Jade's philosophy is encapsulated in her belief that "wealth is the recipe to happiness," and she sees her work as a means of bringing happiness to others. Her enigmatic words hint at a deeper complexity to her character, leaving players eager to uncover more about her motivations and allegiances.Jade, a senior manager in the IPC Strategic Investment Department, is a significant character in Honkai: Star Rail 2.3. Her expertise lies in understanding the human heart and extracting value from seemingly destitute clients, making her an intriguing addition to the game.

Jade's leaked kit for the upcoming patch 2.3 has been circulating online, offering a peek into her abilities. However, it's important to note that the beta phase is subject to change, and players should await the official 2.3 livestream for an accurate portrayal of Jade's kit.

Key Features of Jade's Kit:

  • Basic Attack: Deals quantum damage to a single target and adjacent targets.
  • Skill: Applies the Nephrite effect to a single ally, allowing Jade to deal additional quantum damage to the attacked targets. The ally with Nephrite may also receive a speed boost, but at the cost of a percentage of their maximum HP.
  • Ultimate: Deals quantum damage to all enemies and gains enhanced follow-up charges, allowing Jade to unleash attacks with additional damage.
  • Talent: [Talent details can be included here]

The addition of Jade as a quantum character in Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 brings a new dimension to the game, offering players the opportunity to strategize and harness her unique abilities in combat.When Jade, the newest quantum character in Honkai: Star Rail 2.3, teams up with Nephrite, she gains credits from attacking enemies. Each attack on an enemy provides her with a specific number of credits. Using her basic attack or ultimate ability also grants her 1 credit for each enemy hit. These effects can be triggered simultaneously, but each enemy can only trigger each effect once in every attack event.

Upon accumulating a certain number of credits, Jade can unleash a powerful follow-up attack that deals quantum damage to all enemy targets.

Jade gains 1 stack of Jadeite for every enemy on the field, enhancing her attack. This effect remains even after the enemy is defeated or leaves. Additionally, when Jade performs a follow-up attack, she gains a certain number of Jadeite stacks, with a maximum limit.

When allies with Nephrite perform an attack, Jade regenerates some energy. Moreover, upon entering battle, Jade's action is advanced by a certain amount.

Each stack of Jadeite also increases Jade's critical damage. Furthermore, after any enemy is defeated by any entity, Jade's critical damage is further increased, with an upper limit to this effect.

Jade's technique involves summoning an entity upon entering the overworld, which inflicts blindness on nearby enemies, rendering them unable to detect your team.

When Jade uses her technique to shoot a bullet at an enemy, hitting a blinded enemy applies an effect to Jade and another effect to all enemies after entering battle.

As for the release date of Jade in Honkai: Star Rail, it has not been specified in this context.

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