Ready to dominate the ring with El Primo in Brawl Stars? Our comprehensive guide has got you covered with all the essential details about his star power, gadgets, and gear to ensure you can engage your opponents up close and personal.

As of the latest update on April 15, 2024, El Primo has been making waves in the Brawl Stars tier list. However, one thing remains constant - the need for the perfect setup to unleash El Primo's full potential. We've revisited this guide to ensure it aligns perfectly with the current meta, providing you with the most effective strategies.

Top Gadget for El Primo:

El Primo's "Suplex Supplement" gadget is a game-changer, enabling him to grab an enemy and leap with them to a new location. This versatile gadget allows for repositioning key opponents, disrupting enemy formations, and even coming to the rescue of teammates in challenging situations. It elevates El Primo from just a fighter to a strategic player on the battlefield, offering a dynamic edge to his brawling style.

Finest Star Power for El Primo:

The choice of star power significantly influences El Primo's effectiveness. "El Fuego" adds a burning effect to his super, inflicting additional damage over time to enemies caught in his fiery slam. This star power proves invaluable for dealing with clustered enemies or securing kills on those just out of reach, amplifying El Primo's impact in the heat of battle.El Primo excels with the "Meteor Rush" star power, granting him a valuable speed boost after using his super. This enhancement significantly improves his mobility, enabling him to effectively pursue fleeing adversaries or swiftly evade perilous circumstances.

When selecting gear for El Primo, it is imperative to align with his assertive gameplay style. The "Supercharge Gear" stands out as a remarkable choice, accelerating the charging pace of his super move. This augmentation allows him to swiftly deploy his super more frequently, empowering him to take decisive action in battles.

Additionally, pairing the "Supercharge Gear" with the "Health Gear" transforms El Primo into an indomitable tank. This combination fortifies his already formidable health reservoir, empowering him to endure and withstand substantial punishment while holding the front line.

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