In the past half-year, FC 24's database has been a treasure trove of emerging young stars, with numerous up-and-coming talents drawing global interest over the course of the season.



Emerging Young Talents


The 2023/24 season has been a memorable one for emerging talents, with players like Kobbie Mainoo and Archie Gray making their mark. Among these rising stars is Alfie Gilchrist, a product of Chelsea's esteemed youth system.


Alfie Gilchrist's Breakthrough Season


Alfie Gilchrist has emerged as a rising star at Stamford Bridge, capping off his impressive season with his maiden senior goal for Chelsea in a resounding victory against Everton. But the question remains, has he made it into FC 24? Let's delve into that.


This season has been nothing short of a fairy tale for Alfie Gilchrist, who has solidified his spot in Chelsea's main squad under the guidance of Mauricio Pochettino.



Starting with sporadic substitute appearances, Gilchrist's journey saw a significant milestone with his starting debut at Stamford Bridge in January. His performance was pivotal in Chelsea's 4-0 FA Cup triumph over Preston North End.



The highlight of his season came when he netted his first goal for the senior team. In the dying minutes against Everton, Gilchrist seized the opportunity, driving the ball into the net following a save from Jordan Pickford, contributing to a staggering 6-0 win for the Blues.



Is Alfie Gilchrist in FC 24?


Gilchrist's In-Game Stats and Position

Alfie Gilchrist's ascent to the Chelsea first team under Mauricio Pochettino has been nothing short of a fairy tale this season.


From his humble beginnings making cameos from the substitutes' bench, Gilchrist marked his starting debut at Stamford Bridge with a memorable performance. In January, he was instrumental in Chelsea's 4-0 FA Cup triumph over Preston North End, a sign of his growing importance to the squad.



His journey reached a new peak when he netted his inaugural senior goal, capitalizing on a rebound from Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford's save during a resounding 6-0 victory.



Chelsea enthusiasts have extra reason to celebrate as Gilchrist's virtual avatar joins the FC 24 roster, following an early year Squad Update.



Initially rated at 60 OVR with a potential of 77, the digital Gilchrist has seen his attributes enhanced to a 63 rating and 80 potential, mirroring his real-life advancements.



In FC 24, players can utilize Gilchrist's versatility just as in reality, deploying him as a centre-back or a right-back. Despite his slower pace, his skill set shines brightest when he's positioned centrally on the field.



Future Prospects and Upgrades


At just 20 years of age, it's almost certain that EA Sports will bestow upon Gilchrist enhanced attributes in upcoming releases. As FC 25 approaches, anticipate seeing Gilchrist with a much-improved skill set, reflecting his potential growth and development in the game.


Engagement with the Audience


Are you considering adding Alfie Gilchrist to your squad in FC 24? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!


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Closing Remarks


As the gaming community eagerly anticipates the release of EA Sports FC, there's a buzz around the inclusion of emerging talents in the game's roster. Among the fresh faces, the question arises: will Alfie Gilchrist make an appearance in the game?


  • EA Sports FC, the successor to the FIFA series, is set to feature a comprehensive lineup of football stars.
  • Speculation is rife about the inclusion of young prospects, with Alfie Gilchrist being a name of interest.
  • Gilchrist, a promising defender, could potentially be part of the game, offering players a new talent to manage.
  • The game aims to provide an authentic football experience, and integrating rising stars like Gilchrist aligns with this vision.
  • Fans of the sport and the gaming series are on the lookout for official announcements regarding the player rosters.
  • EA Sports FC's commitment to realism and player diversity suggests that up-and-coming players will be among the selectable options.


The presence of Alfie Gilchrist in EA Sports FC would add a layer of excitement for players looking to discover and develop new footballing talent in their virtual teams.


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