That's why I've been spending weeks planning out my goals for 2023 to make sure I have time to accomplish them all. Since I'm a fashion editor, I'm sure you can imagine that one of them is to have as much fun as possible with fashion. Tom Ford isn't the first brand to release a protective blue-blocking lens, but it is the first luxury retailer to enter the space. This month, the brand launched 10 styles of lenses that are designed to help protect your eyes.Blue light can interfere with your ability to fall asleep, interrupting circadian rhythm and suppressing melatonin, and as someone who already struggles to go to bed, it's plenty possible that screen time was making things significantly worse for me. My mom and I talk about fashion and shopping a lot. She's into clothes and is always interested in learning about the latest styles, given my role as an editor. If the Vogue editor is scheduled to attend a runway show, don't expect it to begin until she's found her seat. And after the designer's final bow, Wintour's often the first to exit the venue, as well.6. Whether you have your entire chart down or are new to this whole astrology thing, I've got you covered. Fall is always ushered in by two things: the start of the Virgo season and the return of denim. As a busy fashion editor, I need my wardrobe stocked at all times with the best of the best. This leads me to lean heavily on my consistent scrolls of the new-arrivals sections of my favorite retail sites. Subscribe to Second Life on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or anywhere you get your podcasts to stay tuned.For Dior Sale the last decade or so, makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur Violette Serrat has carved an incredible path in the beauty industry ultimately becoming a leading figure in the world of cosmetics.Serrats story began at just 19 years old when she discovered her love for makeup artistry by doing her friend's makeup before a party. This chance encounter led her to leave school and start producing shoots for free, using these opportunities to hone her skills and build a portfolio, catching the eye of Vogue France. This post was originally published at an earlier date. Since our support for women's rights is a forever kind of thing, we thought we'd update this story and any sold-out products to make it easier to support the cause.Women's Equality March and Strike, 1970 Some might say that style and politics are mutually exclusive. A good manicure can make a big impact, and staying on top of each season's trends is key to keeping your overall look fresh.This summer, we've seen a decidedly minimalist approach to nails. It's been all about sheer, natural-looking colors, milky shades, and a sharp departure from loud designs. I've always dressed according to my mood. Sometimes that means oversize and ultra cozy, and other times it means something tight with sky-high heels it just really depends how I'm feeling in that moment.