Dewlight Pavilion Dream Ticker Guide

In the game Honkai: Star Rail, the Dewlight Pavilion features three dream ticker puzzles: Gossiper Dream Ticker, Dispirited Dream Ticker, and Sycophant Dream Ticker.

Dewlight Pavilion serves as the official residence for the family and is the meeting place for the heads of the five families to discuss the planet of festivities. The area is divided into the reception counter, dreammaster hall, and the city sandpit.

Players can encounter puzzles in various locations such as the dreammaster hall, city sandpit, or enemy-invested 3D rooms, offering valuable rewards for solving them. This guide provides assistance for trailblazers looking to swiftly conquer all dream ticker puzzles in Dewlight Pavilion in Honkai: Star Rail.

In Dewlight Pavilion, players will encounter three unique dream ticker puzzles to solve, which is a departure from the four puzzles found in Clock Studios theme park in Honkai: Star Rail. Each of these puzzles offers a different challenge and requires players to use their problem-solving skills to progress through the game.

Teleport to the reception counter space anchor and move north to the middle of the area. Then, turn right after passing through two doors and continue on the right side to locate the gossiper dream ticker. To solve the first Dewlight Pavilion dream ticker puzzle in Honkai: Star Rail, follow these steps: Rotate the blue block twice to reach the silver gear, shift the mirror towards the golden gear, and rotate the blue brick thrice.

Dream Ticker Puzzles in Honkai: Star Rail

Teleport to the city sandpit and head north from the space anchor. Once there, proceed to the end of the road to find the second dream ticker puzzle in Honkai: Star Rail – Dewlight Pavilion. To solve the puzzle, follow these steps: Rotate the orange brick and the blue block once, then wait for Clockie to reach the silver gear. Next, shift the mirror to the far left, and rotate the orange brick and the blue block once more to complete the puzzle.

To repair the Sycophant Dream Ticker in Honkai: Star Rail – Dewlight Pavilion, players must first complete the Outsourcer adventure mission, which is triggered automatically after finishing the Devil in Velvet Trailblaze mission. This will grant access to the 3D room on the eastern side of Dewlight Pavilion.

Upon morphing into Hanu, players should acquire the nearby rocket launcher and defeat all enemies in the first room. Then, they need to find a hole to access the next room. In this room, they will encounter stacks of fireworks that can be exploded to reveal a secret room where the Sycophant Dream Ticker is located.

To solve the Dream Ticker puzzle, players should follow these steps: shift the mirror to the right, rotate the blue block nearest to Clockie twice, rotate the further blue block once, watch Clockie walk to the first silver gear, rotate each block once, and then shift the mirror to the left so it doesn't reflect the blue block. Finally, when the golden gear appears, rotate the orange block once.

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