Welcome to this comprehensive guide on gold farming in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)! The methods outlined below are solo-friendly, easy to execute, and provide a fast and dependable way to accumulate a substantial amount of Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold quickly.

Converting AP to Gold

For PvP enthusiasts, converting Alliance Points (AP) into gold is a rewarding way to earn. Here's how you can do it:

Purchase from The Golden Vendor: Keep an eye out for Adhazabi Aba-daro, a special NPC who appears during weekends or special events at your Alliance base in Cyrodiil. At the Golden Vendor, you can exchange AP for jewelry and later sell it to other players for gold. Note that not all items from the Golden Vendor are resale-friendly.

Cyrodiil Sets: Visit Specialized Gear vendors in locations like Bruma, Vlastarus, and Cropsford to acquire Cyrodiil sets. You can then resell these set pieces to other players.

Battleground Supplies Merchants: Purchase items from Battleground Supplies Merchants and resell them to fellow players for gold.

Daily Crafting Writs

One of the easiest ways to earn gold in ESO while obtaining valuable materials is by completing daily crafting writs. Most cities have "writ boards" where you can pick up daily crafting quests that require crafting specific gear or consumables. Upon turning in these writs, you'll receive gold (scaled to your level) and a daily coffer containing materials relevant to the type of writ.

For example, if you complete a woodworking writ at max level (CP160+), you'll earn 664 gold and a Woodworker's Coffer with potential woodworking upgrade materials like Mastic or Rosin.

Collect Everything

In ESO, never ignore loot drops, resources like plants, ore deposits, wood stacks, Aspect runes, barrels, chests, and more. Collect everything you come across as virtually any item in the world can be valuable:

Valuable items can be sold for gold.

Armor and weapons (not for sale) can be used for repairs or deconstructed for materials and crafting experience.

Resources can be sold or kept for your crafting needs.

So, collect everything, keep what you require, and sell the rest.

Buy Low, Sell High for ESO Gold

Buying low and selling high is a significant gold-making strategy in ESO, but it can be complex. To start, you'll need a substantial amount of gold to invest. Familiarize yourself with item prices and use addons like Master Merchant and Tamriel Trade Center for insights. This method can yield substantial profits with the right approach.


Crafting can be a profitable venture if you create and sell the right items. Potions like Spell Power and Weapon Power are in high demand and sell well. Crafting specific sets can also be lucrative. While crafting can require an initial investment of time and gold, it's a reliable way to earn gold in ESO. Furnishing crafting can also be profitable if you can cover the material costs and possess the necessary skills.


Stealing in ESO can be a profitable activity. Many zones and instances provide opportunities for theft, yielding provisioning materials, intricate and ornate items, and occasional valuable furniture recipes worth thousands or even millions of gold. Some good places to start stealing and pickpocketing include Rawl'Kha (Reaper's March), Vvardenfell's Gnisis, Balmora, Vivec, Vulkhel Guard (Auridon), Daggerfall (Glenumbra), Davon's Watch (Stonefalls), and more. Coldharbour is particularly attractive for stealing, as you won't incur bounties while engaged in illegal activities.

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