Norton is one of the most applauded antivirus applications that offers a range of products that safeguard your devices (smartphones, PCs, laptops) against malicious threats. However, it is not free from the issues, and sometimes, you may get “cannot connect to Norton server error” when using this incredible antivirus application. 


There can be several possible reasons behind the arrival of this error. However, to keep your system secure, it becomes imperative to resolve this issue. If you are wondering how I can fix Norton security cannot connect to the server issue, then read this post until the end. 


Cannot Connect To Norton Server Error – Explanation 


Norton application can protect your devices, such as laptops, mobile devices, or computers, against detrimental virus attacks. To do so, it needs to connect to the remote web servers. Some of these connections occur automatically, whereas some occur while performing a specific action on your system. When Norton fails to connect to the server, the program runs; however, you need to fix this issue in order to keep your devices protected from malicious applications. 


What Results In Cannot Connect To Norton Server Error? 


Now that you have understood Norton’s connection error, it is important to know its possible reasons as well for an effective error resolution. You don’t need to go anywhere else for this, as we have stated in the following list: 


  • The error can be triggered by the partial installation of the Norton application. 

  • Another possible reason behind this error is a corrupted Windows system file. 

  • Confirm that you haven’t changed your proxy settings, as it is also one of the possible reasons behind this error. 

  • Modifications in the Windows Firewall settings. 

  • Something has caused the corruption in the Windows Registry files. 

  • An unfortunate deletion of the Norton program due to malicious applications.  


These are some of the possible reasons that can give rise to the Norton VPN cannot connect to server. 


Troubleshooting Solutions For Cannot Connect to Norton Server Error


After discussing the possible factors that can evoke this Norton connection error, we can move ahead with the troubleshooting procedures, as they are explained below: 


Solution 1: Restart Your System and Make Sure That You Are Connected To The Internet 


Before performing any solution, you need to restart your system and make sure that it is connected to a stable Internet connection. Rebooting is the most basic solution you should perform before troubleshooting a solution. You can find the restart icon at the bottom of your screen, and clicking it will get the task accomplished. Thereafter, you need to check your Internet connection. If the “cannot connect to Norton server unexpected browser error” is still there, move to the next solution. 


Solution 2: Reinstall The Norton Software To Ensure Its Optimal Performance


A partial or damaged installation of the Norton Antivirus application can give rise to the Norton won’t connect to the server error. In such a case, you need to reinstall the application to ensure that it does not evoke a connection error. This solution also helps when the program is affected by a malicious application. After installing the Norton application, check if the Norton security cannot connect to the server problem is fixed. If not, try the next procedure. 


Solution 3: Verify and Confirm That Your Web Browser Is Configured As Default 


Setting up a default browser is an effective way to troubleshoot the issue, and you can follow the below-listed steps to accomplish it: 


  • First things first, click on the Start button, which you may locate with the Windows icon on your screen.

  • Now, click the Settings option, which will appear on the options menu. 

  • Thereafter, click the System option, and it will take you to the next step. 

  • Here, you have to hit the default apps option as your next action. 

  • Now, select the web browser from underneath the Web browser option. 

  • The browser you select here will become the default browser for Norton.

  • After accomplishing these steps, you can activate your Norton product. 


Solution 4: Put Norton Activation Repair Tool To Use


If none of the solutions has worked so far for you, it brings you down to this procedure, wherein you need to utilize the Norton Activation Repair Tool. To run this tool: 


  • You need to visit Norton’s legit website and download this tool. 

  • The installation file NortonActivationRepair.exe will be downloaded to your PC. 

  • Check and make sure that .NET Framework installed on your PC. If not, you need to install it from the official website of Microsoft.

  • Now, run the installation file. Once it is installed, it will prompt you to restart your PC. 

  • Thereafter, you can run the Norton application. 

  • If it doesn’t resolve the persisting issue, move to the next solution. 


Solution 5: Bring Norton Remove and Reinstall (NrnR) Tool Into Use


If you are facing the error even after implementing all the previous solutions, then you need to utilize the Norton Remove and Reinstall (NrnR) tool: 


  • Launch the NRnR tool as your initial step, and then click Remove & Reinstall button. 

  • You may also see this button as Remove in some versions. 

  • Thereafter, you need to hit the Continue button. 

  • Wait patiently for this process to complete, as it may take a few minutes. 

  • After utilizing the tool, you can restart your PC and check the status of the error. 


The accurate implementation of the steps can put “cannot connect to Norton server error” to an end. 


On The Whole!


This post can guide your way through resolving the Norton VPN cannot connect to server error. When you implement them correctly, these procedures will definitely be helpful. However, if you are facing any challenges in implementing the steps or want the error to be resolved by an expert, professional assistance is also available for you. Thus, you can make the most out of your Norton application.