Teach you a few tips for maintaining linen valance curtains


The curtains at home are dirty, and I feel annoyed every time I see them. So, I searched online for some methods of curtain maintenance and finally found some tips for curtain maintenance. Now let me share them with everyone.


1. Vacuum the curtains at least once a week, paying special attention to removing dust buildup between fabric structures.


2. If the cushion can be flipped and converted, it should be flipped once a week to evenly distribute the wear.


3. If there are stains on the curtains, they can be wiped off with a clean cloth dipped in water. To avoid leaving marks, it is best to start from the periphery of the stains. Velvet furniture should not be soaked in water and dry cleaning agents should be used.


4. It should be removed and cleaned every six months. All fabric covers and liners should be cleaned dry and not washed with water. Bleaching is prohibited.


5. If loose threads are found, they should not be pulled by hand and should be neatly trimmed with scissors.


6. Try not to dehydrate or dry, and air dry naturally to avoid damaging the texture of the curtains themselves.


7. In daily life, it is important to use a vacuum cleaner regularly to avoid dust accumulation.