If you like bass music like EDM or hip-hop, it is important to have a bass party that can produce warm and full bass. Although some speakers on the market are difficult to reproduce bass, other speakers can accurately reproduce the current and powerful bass you are looking for. The speaker supporting Bluetooth has good portability; You can use them everywhere because they don't need an Internet connection. Whether you want a speaker with a good voice assistant or a speaker that meets your budget, there are many options with good bass performance.


We have tested more than 85 portable Bluetooth speakers. Here are the best bass Bluetooth speakers we recommend. If you want to see more speakers, please check our selection of the loudest Bluetooth speakers, the best speakers for parties, and the cheapest speakers.

It's very loud and suitable for parties. It has microphone and guitar input, as well as karaoke settings, which are great for musicians and karaoke lovers. Although its bass is not as deep as the JBL party box 710, the 310 is more portable. It is battery-powered and even equipped with a 12V DC port, which can be charged from the lighter port of the car. In addition, its waterproof grade is IPx4, which means that it is certified to prevent small water splashes, so you don't have to worry about it being a little wet outdoors.



Unfortunately, there is some compression at maximum volume, which will affect the audio quality at higher volumes. In addition, besides its "bass enhancement" function, there is no sound customization function, such as a graphic equalizer and preset, which you can use to adjust its sound according to your preferences. If you want to use wireless Bluetooth speakers with an excellent bass performance at the next party, it is still a good choice.