Nowadays, with the development of the Internet as well as the Internet of Things, many friends who like to keep pets will buy them in online stores, and some feel that the dogs on the hawkers are cheaper if you need to buy funny dogs, there are the following tips you need to pay attention to. Here we recommend your teddykala's feeder robot, which can effectively help you solve related problems. 

#1 Sign a 15-day health agreement

Buy a pet dog most afraid to meet the week dog, not only invested in the feelings and also burned money, the saddest is to spend money like water, and finally the dog still died. The most common terminal illnesses in puppies are distemper and microscopic, both of which do not show symptoms during the incubation period, and will develop and die after some time after buying a home. Therefore, when shopping for a pet dog, be sure to sign a 15-day health agreement with the pet store, if the other party does not sign it can not be bought.

#2 Do not keep a dog for 3 months after the death of the dog at home

If the family previously had a dog, and the dog died because of some kind of disease unhealthy, then this situation can not be followed by a new dog. Especially if the dog died of distemper and microscopic, there are still a lot of viruses in the house, if this time to buy a dog from a pet store, the dog is easy to be infected after arriving home, and must be thoroughly sterilized after three months before raising a new dog. What should I pay attention to when buying a dog from a pet store?

#3 Choose the breed that suits you

Choose a dog that suits you and that you like. Some dogs are pleasing to the eye but are not in a position to keep it. For example, working people are not suitable to keep those dogs that need the owner's constant company and a lot of exercises. In addition, raising a dog is also to consider financial ability, puppies are more frugal, big dogs are more expensive, and eat more clothes and toys to buy oversized ones.

#4 Observe the physical quality of the dog

When buying a dog try to choose a dog with complete vaccines, so that the dog's body is good, in addition to the physical quality of the dog to judge, male dogs also need to determine whether there is cryptorchid, teddy dogs to hand touch the patella position, more fine may suffer from the common genetic disease of Teddy. Different breeds of dogs have different health risks that need to be understood in advance. In the process of buying a pet dog must keep a clear head, not just listen to the business side of the story, you should carefully check the dog's appearance, and body is healthy. You can feed your dog some food and observe its reaction to its surroundings. You can also touch the dog's body with both hands to see if the bones are developing normally.

#5 Don't just buy a pet dog from the internet or carpet vendors.

Of course, there are regular dog vendors for sale on the Internet, but you must pay special attention when shopping for a merchant. It is best to choose a few more stores and after a thorough comparison choose a reputable merchant with an after-sales guarantee to buy a pet dog.

#6 Don't believe in the so-called pedigree

Some people are particularly interested in the pedigree of the dog. The more purebred dogs are, the more likely they are to develop genetic diseases, and purebred dogs are not cheap. If you have your heart set on getting a purebred dog, then you should select carefully to prevent counterfeiting. You can buy dogs from bigger pet stores, but they are much more expensive than home-bred dogs, so if you can find a trustworthy breeding dog, then choose the latter decisively.

#7 for those who marked the price too cheap dog must be wary, for example, a normal healthy dog whose price may be in 1000-2000, but the business marked the price at 200 or 400, for this "pie in the sky good thing" must be wary of Oh, it is likely that the puppy surface It looks good, but it is actually a "week dog", bought back in a few days found infected with microscopic, distemper and die. After determining the choice of dog, it is best to take it to the veterinary hospital for a checkup or let the merchant show a formal hospital certificate to confirm that the dog's body is very healthy. In this way, you can finally take the dog home and raise it.