One of the most important goals in Diablo 2 Resurrected is to obtain powerful new equipment, and as you progress through the game, you will come across items that have the modifier +% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items on them.

Further on in this article, you will find a selection of some of the best one-of-a-kind items that can bestow upon you significant amounts of magic. These D2R XBOX runewords can be found further down.

Blade of Ali Baba

  • The Blade of Ali Baba is a one-of-a-kind Tulwar that comes equipped with two sockets and bestows upon whoever wields it an increase of 1% in Magic Find ability for every level they possess

  • The beginning level of Magic Find is sufficient

  • On the other hand, this weapon does not provide a large number of helpful modifiers that can accelerate the process of killing, and it also requires a certain amount of dexterity to use it effectively


The Guardians of Randomness

Players have very few options to choose from when it comes to getting +Magic Find on their gloves, but Chance Guards have a significant advantage over other gloves because they have significantly more of it than other gloves do. Because these gloves have a maximum of +40% Magic Find, you should choose them if that is the stat you care about the most. These gloves have a maximum of +40% Magic Find. If that's the stat you care about the most, these are the gloves you want. A lucky roll on rare or crafted gloves will yield more useful secondary stats, but these are the gloves you want if that's the stat you care about the most.



Goldwrap Goldwrap is essentially the belt equivalent of chance guards due to the fact that it possesses the highest base +Magic Find stat of any belt and very few other useful stats (with the exception of +Increased Attack Speed). This makes Goldwrap the ideal choice for those looking for a belt to replace their chance guards.

The Gull dagger is practically pointless, other than the fact that it adds one point to the user's Magic Find, but it does produce an astonishing one hundred percent more Magic Find than usual. Due to the fact that it is a dagger, there is a possibility that it will become available to collect very, very early on in the game.

Harlequin Crest

The Harlequin Crest is one of the best helmets in the game because it provides a respectable +50% Magic Find bonus, tying it with the best possible rolls on Tarnhelm and Stealskull, in addition to a multitude of other helpful stats, such as +Skills, +Life and Mana per character level, and a 10% damage reduction bonus. This makes it one of the best helmets in the game because D2R ladder items online is tied with the best possible rolls on Tarnhelm and Steals


Along with the Tarnhelm, the Goldwrap, and the Chance Guards, the Nagelring is another well-known example of an item that can be found through Magic. In the same vein as the majority of the Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder rune mentioned above, it provides very little of interest other than an increase in Magic Find, which can reach a maximum of +30% per ring. This increase is capped at a maximum of +30% per ring. These modifications include wishing you the best of luck.

The idea of the Oculus in its entirety

In spite of the fact that it does not have the greatest total amount of magic find of any of the  on it, the Oculus provides a sizeable bonus to magic find of +50%. This is a significant increase. Even better, it has a lot of stats that Sorceresses can make use of to their advantage. The fact that it will teleport you at random whenever you take damage is, at best, an annoyance. The fact that this weapon can only be wielded by sorceresses is another disadvantage of this item. If a character of level 80 wears this armor, they will receive a Magic Find bonus equal to +100%. In addition, if you socket a Perfect Topaz into it, you will receive an additional +24% increase to your Magic Find bonus.


Despite the fact that casters will prefer the Tarnhelm due to the +skills it provides, Stealskull isn't a terrible holdover until you can get a Harlequin Crest. Stealskull isn't a terrible holdover until you can get a Harlequin Crest.


The Tarnhelm is an old helm, but it's still a good one. It grants its wearer up to a +50% increase in Magic Find and a +1 increase to all skills, the latter of which makes it feel a little bit more comfortable to wear. This item has a Magic Find that can be anywhere from +25% to +50%, with anything with a Magic Find that is lower than +40% being regarded as a waste of time. The range of this item's Magic Find can be found here. You can use it as a stopgap until you find a Harlequin Crest, which shouldn't take too much time.

War Traveler

The War Traveler boots are easily the best boots in the game that have the +Magic Find stat because they have a maximum Magic Find bonus of +50%. This makes them the best boots in the game overall. In general, they are not terrible, especially when one takes into account the fact that, in addition to enhancing Run/Walk speed, they also enhance Strength and Vitality. Any roll, regardless of its quality, should be considered by treasure hunters as a possible option. Nightmare Mephisto is an excellent source of these, and farming him for them is a simple process.