By saving both of them, Canon Printer Wireless Setup demonstrates its effectiveness in terms of time and location by using https //ij.start.cannon. From any location within the wifi surveillance, one can provide any kind of print. There are numerous Canon printer models that are compatible with wireless printing. Canon has created its printer to hold the top spot in the world printer market due to the rapid availability of routers and advancement in the wireless connection. If you acquire a wireless printer and follow the setup instructions, you may learn how the technology operates.

In this article, we've shown how to set up a Canon printer on a Windows and Mac computer both wiredly and wirelessly. Installing the most recent drivers is essential for printer setup. To find the most recent Canon IJ Setup Drivers, you must however know your printer's model number. To make this connection, you must have a router or modem in your home, and the access points must be in good working order. To set up this Canon ij on a computer or smartphone, you should have a device with an internet connection.


You must have access to your printer in order to install the Canon printer drivers. As a result, you must start by IJ Start Canon Setup your printer. Your printer must be opened up and placed where you want it. You must connect your Canon printer to the wireless network after configuring. You must switch on your printer and select Copy> Menu to establish a wireless connection. You must select the "WLAN Setup" option next to this. Press the WPS button on your internet router once you're finished. Either press the WPS button for one or two minutes. To finish the network configuration, press the "Ok" button on your printer. The installation of the printer driver is all that is left after this. Follow the instructions provided to install the printer driver:

  • To begin, look through the setup file you downloaded using Double-click the file once you have it.
  • Granting the requested permissions will allow you to continue. Your screen will display two pop-up boxes requesting your consent to run the application and make the necessary changes.
  • You will next be prompted to confirm the process if you use a Mac. To do this, enter your administrator login and password into the blank spaces.
  • The welcome window will show up as a result. Simply press the "Next" button here.

Utilizing, install printer drivers

The Ij.Start.Canon is all about setting up drivers, making connections, and producing prints. It covers the Canon printer's downloading, installation, connection, and setup. Follow the instructions below to learn how to physically or wirelessly connect a printer to a device. For those who are unable to download the driver or use the printer to connect using a driver, this might be useful. Here, step-by-step instructions for installing Canon printer drivers are provided.

  • The next step of the installation process is to connect your printer and PC after downloading the printer drivers. The subsequent process requires a reliable and robust connection. When you have made your decision regarding the preferred method, the instructions will appear directly on your screen. Follow the on-screen directions carefully to establish a connection.
  • Once a connection has been established, the wizard will start looking for Canon printers. Make your printer option from the search result.
  • A list of all the software that is accessible for download will then appear. Check the boxes next to the software you want to install as you go down the list.
  • After that, read the licence agreement to familiarise yourself with the printer driver's terms and conditions. Also, agree with the terms mentioned in the agreement. Simply click the "Yes" button to accept.
  • Your system will then begin installing the printer driver. A few minutes will be needed to complete the process. So, take a rest and wait for it to finish.
  • You will be asked if you wish to execute the print head alignment in the following popup. If you choose to proceed in this manner, click "Next" and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.
  • By selecting "Close," you can, alternatively, finish the process immediately.

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