If today’s bride looks a little familiar, it’s because Nickie recently took over our Instagram to consider you together with her as she shopped for her dream dress! Her special day finally came and Nickie and her now-husband Hunter officially tied the knot inside a romantic glam wedding in Texas. Read on for additional from their special day.

Ball Gown V Neck Chapel Train Tulle Wedding Dress With Lace Sequins

We met at a pool party in, Summer of 2011 while attending college. He got my number on that day but never called. The following week was the very first week of classes and sure enough, we wound up having a class together. We didn’t speak whatsoever and he sat in front of me the whole semester. We eventually were built with a couple of conversations during finals time, I added him on Facebook, and we became acquaintances. Two years later, I saw him out in a bar and we wound up hanging out through the night with our friends. We began dating and graduated together the year after with the same major. We moved in together six months later and he proposed on our 5-year anniversary in 2019!

In Nov 2018, Hunter allow it to slip he bought a ring for me personally! Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, he slipped up again saying he was originally attempting to propose that night however it wasn’t within the cards. Some of the people he wanted there would happen to be out of town! It would be a bummer!

I use my Dad at our small family business. A few weeks before our anniversary in January 2019, I was checking the caller ID to determine what calls we missed during the day. Oddly, I saw Hunter known as the store shortly before I got to operate. No clue why he didn’t call my Dad’s cell, but I suspected he must happen to be calling him to inquire about permission to marry me! That’s when I really knew it had been happening soon.

The week of our anniversary, Hunter explained that we were going somewhere special for the 5-year anniversary, but said the place was a surprise. He insisted that people go get their nails done together. He never gets his nails done, not to mention with me. If that wasn’t a defunct giveaway, I don’t understand what is. He later told me it had been because none of my girlfriends or family may go take me without it being suspicious.

Saturday is here now, our anniversary, and I would be a wreck! It required forever to determine what to wear and I couldn’t happen to be more nervous because I was certain he would propose. He eventually took me towards the NYLO Hotel in Dallas where he'd planned for all of us to have some drinks around the rooftop before going to dinner. When we got there, the leading desk told us the top lounge was closed because of bad weather. The day before, there have been CRAZY tornado-like winds that acquired some of their garden furniture up there and broke a few of the glass windows.

I could see in their eyes he was FREAKING OUT, so I went towards the restroom to provide him with serious amounts of think of a new plan. The manager eventually told Hunter she would escort us available online for a quick drink and gave us complimentary champagne. Once we managed to get out towards the rooftop terrace, we discussed ourselves and our life together while taking within the beautiful skyline view. He then dropped recorded on one knee and inquired about marrying him, not to mention, I said YES! One of his close friends is a photographer and was secretly taking photos the entire time!

The story still isn’t over yet! We left to visit dinner and I truly believed that was it and wasn’t expecting other things at this point. But of course, the moment we stepped out in our Uber in the restaurant, I saw my parents walking into the restaurant at the same time. Poor Hunter, another surprise ruined! We made our way up towards the rooftop terrace and were greeted with loud cheers and clapping from our closest friends and family. It was the feeltimes sweetest (almost) surprise, after knowing the entire time he would be proposing.

I had a concept of the style I wanted an outfit with little traditional lace, sleeves, and mermaid fit or beach wedding dresses. I wanted different things! With the help of the feeling times team, they pulled items they believed I would love including a beautiful cathedral veil, shoes, and earrings that looked stunning together. For Hunter, I work in menswear, and my loved ones have a men’s suit store. So it had been easy to choose what he’d wear since I dress men for any living! I wanted him to face out and appear very dressy therefore we went using the custom ivory tuxedo!

Look online to determine what catches your skills first. Then when you decide to go in-store, try that style on BUT also put on a bunch! You’d be amazed what you wind up liking when it’s in your body. I never wanted an A-line style dress, but once I put one on, I felt just like a princess and loved it!