The Intermediate Bulk Container Market Analysis reveals a strong growth trajectory, with a valuation of USD 1.15 billion in 2022. Projections indicate significant expansion, with the market expected to reach USD 1.90 billion by 2030, demonstrating a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.4% over the forecast period from 2023 to 2030.

Intermediate Bulk Containers are versatile vessels designed for storage, commonly used for handling bulk liquids and powders. The three main types of IBCs are rigid, folding, and flexible. IBCs find extensive applications in the transportation sector, where they are employed for storing and transporting various substances such as chemicals, solvents, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Key Highlights:

1. Current Valuation: As of 2022, the Intermediate Bulk Container Market Analysis values the industry at USD 1.15 billion, underscoring its importance in storage and transportation.

2. Projected Growth: Forecasts suggest substantial expansion, with the market anticipated to reach USD 1.90 billion by 2030, showcasing a strong CAGR of 6.4% during the forecast period.

3. Versatile Applications: IBCs are versatile and find applications in various industries, particularly in transportation, for storing and moving bulk liquids and powders.

4. Types of IBCs: The market encompasses three main types of IBCs – rigid, folding, and flexible, each catering to specific storage and transportation requirements.

The Intermediate Bulk Container Market is poised for significant growth, playing a crucial role in the storage and transportation of bulk liquids and powders across diverse industries.

Key Players

Exercises like consolidations, acquisitions, associations, joint endeavors, and coordinated efforts are much of the time led by central participants to grow their impact on the moderate mass holder market. This perspective in the end helps in reinforcing the development of the middle-of-the-road mass compartment market.  Some leading players in the intermediate bulk container market are Bulk Lift International, Conitex Sonoco, Greif Flexible Products and Services, WeidenhammerPackunghen, BWAY Corporation, Berry Plastics, InertapePolywer Group, Halsted and Other Players

Intermediate Bulk Container Market Analysis Sample Report: 


- Product Type

  • Flexitanks
  • Rigid Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Bulk Container Liners

- Grade

  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Type C
  • Type D
  • Food Grade

- Application

  • Food & Beverages
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petroleum
  • Others

Driving Factors

  • Ascend in the compound and drug enterprises.
  • Ascend in the modern bundling market because of ascending in global exchange and the necessity for financially savvy mass bundling.
  • Expansion in the drink ventures


  • As the market is welcoming great learning experiences on the benefit factor over different options like cylinder drums
  • Raising heads above the competition by providing the best quality containers that can be used both for storage and transportation purposes.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Research Methodology

3. Market Dynamics

3.1 Drivers

3.2 Restraints

3.3 Opportunities

3.4 Challenges

4. Impact Analysis

4.1 COVID-19 Impact Analysis

4.2 Impact of Ukraine- Russia War

4.3 Impact of Ongoing Recession

5. Value Chain Analysis

6. Porter’s 5 forces model

7. PEST Analysis
11. Regional Analysis

12. Company Profiles

13. Competitive Landscape

13.1 Competitive Benchmarking

13.2 Market Share Analysis

13.3 Recent Developments

14. Conclusion