Precautions for customized drapes


1. Notes on customized drapes - Purpose


The first step in customized drapes is to clarify your purpose and see if you need something with strong decorative effects or practicality.


2. Customized precautions for finished curtains - number of layers


If it is for home use, it is still recommended that you purchase a two-layer one, with a gauze curtain pulled during the day and a thick curtain pulled at night, which is easy and convenient.


3. Notes on customized drapes - Curtain Cleaning


Thick shading materials have good confidentiality effects, but cleaning is very troublesome. Therefore, it is best to choose a material that is both blackout and lightweight.


4. Notes on customized drapes - Color


The decorative effect of finished curtains cannot be ignored. When choosing, it is important to consider the color combination with the walls and furniture.


5. Notes on customized drapes - Regional


The requirements for finished curtains vary in different areas. If it is in the bathroom and kitchen, it is best to use roller blind curtains. If it is in the living room and bedroom, it is best to use semi-shading and decorative curtains.


7. Fabric price: Different window types have different requirements for finished curtain materials. Determine the required fabric size and price.


The above is an introduction to the precautions for customized drapes. I believe you have also gained some understanding. If you are also worried about customized drapes, you may want to follow and consult us.