In the age of COVID-19, virtual tours have become an essential tool for homebuyers looking to explore properties while minimizing physical interactions. These virtual tours offer a safe and convenient way for potential buyers to view homes from the comfort of their own space. Here are some considerations and tips for ensuring safety in the age of COVID-19 when utilizing virtual tours for homebuyers:

  1. Online Platforms:

    • Utilize reputable online platforms and real estate websites that offer high-quality virtual tours.
    • Ensure that the virtual tour technology provides an immersive and realistic experience for viewers.
  2. Interactive Features:

    • Choose virtual tours that allow interactive features such as 360-degree views, zooming in on specific areas, and floor plan exploration.
    • Interactive features enhance the virtual experience and help potential buyers get a comprehensive view of the property.
  3. Live Virtual Tours:

    • Consider live virtual tours conducted by real estate agents or homeowners. This allows for real-time interaction and the ability to ask questions while exploring the property virtually.
    • Live tours provide a more personalized experience and can address specific buyer preferences.
  4. Detailed Descriptions and Documentation:

    • Ensure that property listings include detailed descriptions, high-quality photos, and any relevant documents.
    • Providing comprehensive information alongside virtual tours helps buyers make informed decisions without needing to physically visit the property.
  5. Safety Protocols for In-Person Tours:

    • If physical visits are necessary, implement strict safety protocols for in-person tours, such as wearing masks, using hand sanitizers, and maintaining social distancing.
    • Encourage potential buyers to conduct virtual tours first and only visit properties that meet their criteria.
  6. Video Conferencing for Consultations:

    • Conduct consultations and discussions with real estate agents, sellers, or other stakeholders via video conferencing.
    • Video meetings can replace traditional in-person meetings and provide an opportunity for discussions without physical contact.
  7. Virtual Neighborhood Exploration:

    • Include information about the neighborhood in virtual tours, showcasing nearby amenities, schools, parks, and public services.
    • Virtual neighborhood exploration helps buyers evaluate the overall environment without physically being present.
  8. Transparent Communication:

    • Clearly communicate the availability of virtual tours in your property listings.
    • Inform potential buyers about the safety measures taken during in-person tours, if required.
  9. Digital Document Signing:

    • Facilitate digital document signing to minimize physical paperwork and streamline the homebuying process.
    • Digital signatures reduce the need for face-to-face interactions during the documentation phase.
  10. Stay Informed about Local Guidelines:

    • Stay updated on local health guidelines and regulations related to real estate transactions and property viewings.
    • Adapt virtual tour strategies based on evolving safety recommendations.

By incorporating these practices, real estate professionals can provide a safer and more accessible homebuying experience for clients in the context of COVID-19. Virtual tours, when executed effectively, offer a valuable alternative to traditional property viewings while prioritizing the health and safety of all parties involved.


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