I was researching treasure trails, and runescape 3 gold a website stated that "Do not go through the same area more than once, this will spawn multiple Zamorak magicians!" It was my thought that some locations that give you wilderness coordinates can be multicombat. Zamorak wizards are relatively poor at range, but are decently lp 730 and frequently drop 45 death runes.

Do a quick prayer to guard against magic and keep your eyes open for eagles. When they're ready, turn them off and then spam digging using your spade. Zamorak wizards will pop up. Chin them. Once you have defeated all the wizards, make use of your rune-crossbow to kill them. Then, spam dig again. After that, you can return to the chinning.

The cost is: 45 death rune drops pay for 30 Chinchopsas. It's likely to take 1 prayer potion every month to sustain them, which could suffice to kill around 20 wizards. So, if the drop of death runes is 10%, you'll are breaking even. But the death rune rates are likely higher than this. It doesn't require a whole pot of chins to throw 30. Are there any mistakes? Test it out and share your thoughts.

Template to be used for Runescape Poh Layout. This sketch is not meant to be used in any Guide on Sal's. This is a rough sketch. It was a rough sketch that I wanted to share because it helped me.

Below is a Template to help you create the layout for your "house" of dreams. I designed it after I began to get frustrated with my house and how jumbled up the rooms were. It was like trying to find your way through the maze of rooms. I hadn't thought about the placement of my POH when I started creating it. To simplify the process of re-creating the template, I deleted all my rooms. My rooms are now exactly how I would like them to buy fire cape osrs be with a well-organized layout.