Popular Counting Systems Dozens of card counting systems exist. Some of them are extremely hard to use, while most of them are just difficult. A couple fairly easy counting systems exist, but they aren’t as effective as more difficult systems. The most accurate counting systems are so hard to use that โปรโมชั่น pgs168 almost nobody is able to use them. The good news is that many of the slightly less difficult systems are almost as effective. These mid tier systems are the most popular because they give you better results than the easy systems, and their results are almost as good as the extremely complicated systems.

Here’s a quick overview of popular card counting systems:

○ Ace 5 – The ace 5 system is the easiest system to learn and use, and it’s not a bad place to start. But the other 3 systems in this section give you better long term results, so eventually you need to switch to 1 of them.
○ Hi lo – This is the most popular counting system. It’s called a balanced system, so you have to make an extra number conversion.
○ Knock out – This system is an unbalanced system so you avoid the need for an extra conversion. It’s a powerful system and a good alternative to hi lo.
○ Red 7 – Another unbalanced system, the Red 7 is my favorite card counting system.