The lift-up flaps book manufacturer usually uses a large area of light color paving, and uses a dark composition on it, such as a light yellow paving, with a coffee color composition, or uses light yellow or white drawing lines in a coffee color block; Also use light green paving; The composition of dark green, etc., these are the contrast of the depth and light of the use of color, and the light and heavy contrast of the use of color in the packaging box.

Clothing, monosodium glutamate, shoes and socks, fresh milk, etc., the use of this packaging strategy will not be due to the user's low request and at will, but the need for users to think about the characteristics of economic benefits, series packaging strategy this type of packaging is often the same kind of products, and complete packaging is different products, such as makeup boxes, tour supplies and four treasures are attributed to the complete set of packaging.

It is also one of the important reproduction methods, this heavy contrast, often with light and elegant background color to highlight the solemn theme picture, or in the solemn theme picture, show the theme and title of the light and elegant packaging, etc., in turn, it is also useful to lay the bottom of a large area of solemn and heavy pigment, Another light and elegant color or focus on a certain color block or more completely decorated some pattern.

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