A recent leak pertaining to Honkai: Star Rail has unveiled new details about the highly anticipated character, Sunday. This character, who is set to debut in the upcoming months, has generated significant buzz within the gaming community.

Developer Hoyoverse has established a pattern of introducing two five-star characters per update, each for one banner cycle. The ongoing version 2.2 of Honkai: Star Rail has already featured Robin in the first banner cycle and the cyborg cowboy Boothill in the ongoing second banner cycle.

The upcoming update 2.3, scheduled for release on June 18, has already confirmed the arrival of two new characters, Firefly and Jade. During a recent special program event, developer Hoyoverse also announced the introduction of additional characters who are expected to join the roster in the near future.

Sunday, a quest-exclusive NPC who was revealed during the special program for update 1.6, is highly anticipated by players. Described as the leader of the Oak family and the organizer of the Charmony Festival, Sunday is primarily known as Robin's protective sibling who has ventured down a darker path.

A credible Honkai: Star Rail leaker, known as Team Mew, has disclosed significant information about Sunday, including potential details about his release date, elemental attributes, and the path he will follow.

Overall, the leak has added to the excitement surrounding the forthcoming update and the introduction of Sunday as a pivotal character within the Honkai: Star Rail universe.

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