Squad Busters is a chaotic and fun-filled multiplayer game where players merge and evolve characters from Supercell's universe, engage in dynamic 10-player matches, and utilize strategy to emerge victorious in a variety of ever-changing maps and game modes. The Finnish developers have already confirmed in the game's description that renowned characters from Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale will be featured. This is something Supercell is known for—crossing over characters from different games they developed. Now this fabulous game is playable on a Mac with MuMuPlayer Pro


Squad Busters Tier List


To play Squad Busters on Mac, you need an Android emulator which provides professional functions for Mac. As an Android emulator designed for Apple Silicon Mac, MuMuPlayer Pro brings Mac users an excellent gaming experience of high quality. Please review the list below:
How to play Squad Busters with MuMuPlayer Pro




Tier Explanation

Prior to each battle, a variety of characters that could be unlocked from chests will be displayed. This changing selection requires you to adjust your squad strategy for each match. At the start of each game, a randomized spinner will select the map and special modifiers for your battle. Additionally, to challenge your adaptability, you will be placed in a random location and given a selection of three distinct squad members, each possessing unique abilities.


S Tier - Must-have characters in Squad Busters, totally crushing it and absolutely necessary for victory.
A Tier - Characters totally owning their roles, kicking butt against all odds.
B Tier - Characters neither outstanding nor terrible in their roles.
C Tier - Characters just doing okay in their roles.
D Tier - Characters suited for specific in-game situations, situational picks.
F Tier - Characters for when you're totally desperate, the absolute last resort.


Down below we will provide you with details about every characters, except some of the characters in MEGA Units due to the lack of information. Sorry for the interruption.


S Tier

Squad Busters Tier List

  • Dragon Chicken(MEGA Unit)
    Squad Busters Tier List - Dragon Chicken
  • Battle Healer: She enhances your team's health according to her fusion level.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Battle Healer
  • Witch: She is a formidable attacker, capable of dealing 230 damage. Her skill to summon skeletons makes it easier to overcome any adversary.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Witch
  • Hog Rider: Despite being a frontliner, he may not be the most powerful tank, but he can gain a substantial speed boost when moving through a bush.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Hog rider
  • Barbarian: The character holds the highest HP in the game, inflicting 145 damage points. He possesses the capability to self-heal when not engaged in combat and offers a bonus to all melee units within the squad.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Barbarian


A Tier

Squad Busters Tier List

  • Wizard: His AOE damage capability coupled with an extra spell slot significantly bolsters squad strength.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Wizard
  • Royale King: Fusing this character is difficult, demanding the sacrifice of numerous valuable heroes to obtain him. 
    Squad Busters Tier List - Royale King
  • Pam: A proficient healer that synergizes effectively when paired with the Wizard.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Pam
  • Bea: She has the ability to deal a substantial amount of damage and summon bees to attack anyone who enters her vicinity.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Bea
  • Penny: Though she's capable of uncovering hidden treasure, finding a treasure map demands venturing away from the central area, which can be challenging on certain maps.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Penny
  • Archer Queen: Boasting high HP and dealing 140 points of damage, she boosts the attack speed of all ranged units and can intermittently shoot explosive arrows. Furthermore, she has the ability to regenerate health when stationary.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Archer Queen
  • El Tigre(MEGA Unit)
    Squad Busters Tier List - El Tigre

B Tier

Squad Busters Tier List

  • Greg: He allows you to gather coins and emeralds by chopping down trees, but his effectiveness is mostly confined to the early game phases.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Greg
  • Medic: This healer can deal a substantial amount of damage and has a high HP pool, making him highly effective at keeping your units alive.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Medic
  • Max: She has the ability to accelerate the entire team, allowing them to reposition and flank the enemy during combat.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Max
  • Bo: He may lack HP and damage potential, but he shines in dealing PVE damage. His proficiency in acquiring blue boxes quickly accelerates squad development.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Bo
  • Mortis: In his third form, he can resurrect up to four defeated monsters to fight alongside you.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Mortis

C Tier

Squad Busters Tier List

  • El Primo: He's suitable for the early stages when options are limited. While he can stun enemies, there are more effective tanks available in the game.
    Squad Busters Tier List - El Primo
  • Nita: She's effective as a defender, but truly shines when combined with others.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Nita
  • Dynamike: 
    Despite becoming stronger when fused, he isn't particularly valuable overall, especially considering his rarity, as an attacker with only 60 damage points.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Dynamike

D Tier


  • Heavy: He's a formidable tanky ranged character, excelling in shooting faster when stationary, making him a top pick for drafts.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Heavy
  • Trader: While gathering coins, he occasionally rewards you with emeralds, but retrieving them demands backtracking, which can become quite annoying.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Trader
  • Shelly: She excels as a ranged character, offering a special ability to deal extra damage.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Shelly
  • Mavis: When she goes to a carrot patch, she can be vulnerable, leaving your squad exposed.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Mavis
  • Tank: On her own, she may not stand out, but when combined with other tanks, she becomes remarkably resilient. She also unleashes a massive blast that inflicts significant damage.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Tank

F Tier


  • Colt: He can deal a significant amount of damage, particularly with his Bullet Storm ability.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Colt
  • Chicken: This character is polarizing—some love it, while others hate it. Functioning as a speedster, it provides Turbo Boots, yet ultimately, it's not worth the effort.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Chicken
  • Goblin: In the role of a supplier, he can offer a significant number of coins, but being on the frontline, he's highly susceptible to quick elimination.
    Squad Busters Tier List - Goblin



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