Squad Busters is a game every supercell's fan is waiting! In Squad Busters, players will be able to get into battles with their favorite characters like PEKKA, Barbarian King, El Primo, Colt, Shelly, Wizard, Bandit, Night Witch, Hog Rider etc.


Squad Busters released new updates and free rewards for global launch




New pre-registration milestones

In appreciation of the support for Squad Busters, a new pre-registration milestone has been set. 

If 40 million pre-registrations are achieved by May 29, a special Deco as below will be available at launch for one month.

Squad Busters released new updates and free rewards for global launch

Each new player counts as a pre-registration, so spreading the word is crucial to reaching this goal together! 

Additionally, to celebrate the global release, exclusive rewards will be unlocked for pre-registration milestones. There are four milestones to unlock, with more to come as each one is achieved. The rewards include 10,000 coins, character El Tigre, chests, and an exclusive global emote.

Squad Busters released new updates and free rewards for global launch

All unlocked rewards will be available in-game after the global launch for a month. 

Active players can contribute to the progress by encouraging others to pre-register. Milestone rewards will also extend to other Supercell games like Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, and Hay Day. Don't forget to claim your rewards across all games and get ready for the Squad Busters Global Launch on May 29th!


What's more?

While they are gearing up for its worldwide debut, they are also bringing a new update that includes four-star Ultra characters, enhancements to the player experience, additions to the plaza, shop upgrades, and more, all leading up to the highly awaited global release on May 29, 2024.


Ultra characters

In this update, Squad Busters introduces Ultra characters. Previously, the game featured only three character evolution forms – Baby, Classic, and Super – since its soft launch. The addition of the Ultra form marks a significant change. Although most players may find it challenging to attain this level, top leaderboard players are approaching it. The announcement of this significant update just before the global release comes as a breath of fresh air for the players.

Squad Busters released new updates and free rewards for global launch

In order to unlock an Ultra character in Squad Busters, you will require 1000 baby units. This may seem extreme, but it's the necessary requirement. To expedite the unit acquisition process, occasional limited-time 2x drop events will be introduced to facilitate faster accumulation of new units.


Balance adjustments

Furthermore, significant adjustments have been implemented to ensure balance ahead of the global launch. Throughout the testing phase, Supercell identified certain troops that were less effective when compared to others. As a result, modifications have been made to abilities, HP, and attacks to rectify this imbalance.


Your own Plaza

Squad Busters released new updates and free rewards for global launch

For the grand opening, the plaza in Squad Busters is now accessible. Hammers can be acquired through events, purchased from the shop, or obtained to enhance the aesthetics of your plaza. These items are purely cosmetic and do not confer any additional benefits.


Mega units

Significant changes are being made to Mega Units in Squad Busters. They will no longer be obtainable within the first two minutes of the game. If your squad size is substantial and you are positioned well among the 10 players, the likelihood of obtaining a mega unit will be minimal. Conversely, if you are near defeat or your troop strength is lacking, your chances of acquiring a mega unit will increase. Additionally, each player can only obtain one mega unit per match.





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