Beginner guide for Solo Leveling: Arise

Solo Leveling: ARISE is a highly anticipated mobile action RPG that follows Sung Jinwoo's journey, the protagonist of Solo Leveling, as he strives to become the world's strongest hunter. In a universe where humans with mystical powers hunt monsters for a living, players take on the persona of Jinwoo, the least powerful of all hunters, barely scraping through the lowest-ranked dungeons. Despite being an E-rank hunter struggling to support his family, his life undergoes a dramatic transformation during a highly hazardous dungeon raid.


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Gameplay of Solo Leveling: Arise

In Solo Leveling: ARISE, you take on the role of Sung Jinwoo, the main character from the webtoon. As you progress, you level up to gain new abilities and engage in dynamic combat using different combinations of skills and weapons. Join forces with hunters from the webtoon for fast-paced gameplay. Master the unique abilities of each hunter, combine their powers, and swiftly conquer gates.

Harvest shadows from defeated enemies to fight alongside you, just as depicted in the webtoon. Strive to become the Monarch of Shadows by assembling your own Army of Shadows. Confront challenges posed by magical beasts within each gate, using a variety of skills, hunters, and tactics to emerge victorious.


Character stat

Character stat of Solo Leveling: Arise

In Solo Leveling: ARISE, you can assign stat points to notably improve your character’s diverse capabilities and strengths. The following are the stats that can be allocated, maximized, and leveled up:


Game mode

Game mode of Solo Leveling: Arise

You should be aware of the 7 distinct game modes offered in Solo Leveling ARISE, including:

  • Story Mode
    • The primary and most frequently used method to level up Sung Jinwoo is by finishing Story Mode chapters. Each chapter stage in the story mode provides a specific amount of experience points (EXP) upon completion.
  • Gates
    • In addition to the story mode, an effective method for obtaining experience points is by conquering "Gates." These are unique dungeons that you can choose and complete, each featuring varying difficulty levels and rewards. Additionally, by clearing three, six, and nine gates daily, you can acquire special experience point bundles.
  • Encore Mission
    • Encore Missions allow you to engage in one-on-one battles with the bosses encountered in Side Story chapters
  • Instance Dungeon
    • Instance dungeon is a mode that allows you to engage in 1v1 rematches against bosses you've previously encountered during Sung Jinwoo's story.
  • Battlefield of Trials
    • A gaming mode where you conquer the challenges of each battleground and earn rewards by engaging in a sequence of battles.
  • Battlefield of Time
    • Battlefield of Time is a time-based game mode where the goal is to swiftly defeat a specified boss and its minions.
  • Power of Destruction
    • Power of Destruction is a mode that involves assembling a party of hunters and Shadows to combat the Pitch-black Flame Ennio. This competitive mode tracks your survival duration and overall damage dealt within the allowed time.

Multiple game modes offer experience points as rewards, ranging from fulfilling daily tasks to clearing gates.


Activity fund

Activity fund of Solo Leveling: Arise

Activity Funds function as a passive in-game system, providing players with EXP, Gold, and enhancement items over time. The amount of EXP accrued per minute is tied to the tier of Activity Funds, and it can be increased by advancing Jinwoo and the Hunters. For example, at tier 8, players obtain 9 EXP per minute. Activity Funds accumulate items over a 24-hour period until they are at capacity. To continue earning rewards, players need to claim all items and reset the system.


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